Saturday, August 1, 2009

Touring Lyon Part 4 : Musee of Fine Arts & Other Miscellaneous Stuff

It's another Saturday again, and i decided to visit one of the museums in the city. Most of the museums here are located in some obscure place , so i decided to choose one that is more prominent and easy to get to and it is the Museum of Fine Arts. This museum is located just beside Hotel De Ville, the famous hotel that i mentioned before and the building i almost missed it if not for the magnificent fountain located right outside of the museum. The museum building looks almost the same as the surrounding buildings there and so if you are not attentive, u might miss it.

The entrance fee cost like 6 Euros which is like 12 SGD but it was worth the money to see the exhibits. On the brochure it says no photography but i managed to sneak a few, nope actually quite alot of pictures while i'm inside.

Once you enter the museum ground, you will enter the sculpture garden, it is actually quite serene there and quite alot of people like to sit and the garden and chat for hours. The museum is organized in such a manner: (Click to enlarge)

The ground floor has all the sculptures, the second floor has the antiques , some scupltures and coins and medal room, and the third floor has all the paintings ranging from the 15 Century to the 20th century.

The Paintings are also categorized from the country of origin which are from France or Italy. From my observations of the painting, the French like to painting scenery , self-portraits, bowls of fruits and politics. While the Italians on the other hand are more on the Christianity theme and some of the pictures are sort of gory and the paintings are mostly about Jesus, saints, popes, the virgin mary and alot of babies. Also , some of the italian paintings have some moral messages in them which will set you thinking while looking at them.

As i progress through the ages of the paintings, you can see the style of painting changes. I find that the more contemporary pieces are more abstract and some makes no sense when u look at them then the older pieces of the art.

The museum also has a small collection of egyptian artifacts which was pretty cool to see them upclose and most of the sculptures the building are quite amazing. Below are some more picutures of the exhibits:

After the museum, i took a walk down the Saone which is opposite the Rhone river and took some pictures of the view and the sky.

This church is located in the heart of Bellecour, its called the Church of Saint Nizier , it is built in the 18 Century. It houses quite a few stained glasses which i find amazing and beautiful.

Some random pictures here: A statue in a park and a ticketing place for the Olympique Lyonnais , a football team in France which i heard was pretty good. Sort of like Man U of France

Okay, thats all for now, my culture quotient for the day has gone up quite a few notches and i will be visitng more museums in the comming weeks.

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