Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wines that i have drank so far

They say when u are in France, you should do what the french do, which is drink, eat cheese and enjoy life. So, I am going to review the wines that i have drank while and here and give me opinion of what i thing of it. (Please note that these reviews are from an amateur wine drinker and not a wine connoisseur)

Love It

Nothing yet...


Grand Vin De Bourgogne 2008
This wine had a much better taste then the first bottle i had, and u can actually taste the flavour of the wine which had a hint of fruity taste. But still i was a wee bit bitter for my taste but still to me considered okay as it costs like 8 SGD also. I rate it passable.

Grand Vin De Bordeaux 2006
My third bottle of wine. Cost like 9 SGD. It taste a bit bland and also had sort of a chemically aftertaste which was not very pleasant... It was less bitter though.. but still drinkable standalone with some meat dish. Overall , i rate it passable but barely.

Hate It

Cotes Du Rhone
Les Combes Saint-Sauveur 2008
My first bottle of wine and it costs like 8 SGD . First taste and it was erwgh.. it was so bitter to the taste and abit sour at the same time. Didn't like it at all.. It had also a chalky texture to it, probably tasted bad because it was a cheap wine. A tip: Add mixers like fruit juice to make a bad wine go down easier. I rate this wine as i dun want to drink another bottle anymore and please dun make me.

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