Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pictures !!

Not sure on what to write here, so i'm going to post pictures on the journey from singapore to lyon and the first two weeks here.
Pre-flight days!

Boardgaming @ Minds Cafe

KTV Session @ Safra Jurong

Farewell dinner with buds @ Old Airport Rd

At the Airport

My niece , acting camera shy

My buds sending me off

During Flight

Didn't have any pictures taken coz to many ang moh ard in flight , abit pai seh...

In Transit

@ Heathrow airport

Experience @ the airport
The place was kinda like terminal 2 of changi airport but smaller. Price at the duty free shop was not cheap at all except for alcohol and tabacco . Only thing i got there was a bottle of water and a super-sized box of tic tacs. Oh, did i mention that i was frizzed at while going through security.. not a enjoyable experience...

In Lyon!!

My Dorm Room!!

Thats for now... will post more tml. A bientot~

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