Sunday, July 19, 2009

Touring in Lyon - Part 2 - Bellecour, Cite Internationale , Parc De la Tete D'OR

The next stop was on to Bellecour, this place was sort of the city hall of Singapore, lots of shops and boutiques. These shops actually span to a whole street at Rue La Rebublique which is abt 3 km long!! Talk abt shop till u drop, ladies, this is the place for u. This period is actually their sales period and was definitely tempted to buy something whilst walking through the place.

Okay, French lesson now. One thing i learned is that Sale in french is called Solde and the word Sale in French means dirty or filthy, so do take note when u ask people for any sales around in France.

Later on, i took bus to a place called Cite Internationale where the museum of contemporary art is located, wanted to go to the museum but couldn't find where it was , so took a walk ard and entered the park which was next to Cite Internationale. This park is the largest urban park in Lyon and it's called Parc De La Tete D'Or , it has a lake, rose garden and also a zoo in the park itself.

I did not explore the park much as i was tired from all the walking , perhaps another day.. That's all for now. Will upload more pictures on other locations that i going to visit in the next post.

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