Saturday, July 25, 2009

Touring Lyon Part 3 - Hotel De Ville , Rhone River

All this pictures were taken on sun , while i was taking a looonnggg walk around Lyon. Realized while walking around that almost all shops were closed.

It all started with me with nothing much to do on sunday. Finished my laundry and got bored staying in the hostel. So i decided to take a walk around campus at first but didn't realized i would be on a road march..

The pic of the map shows roughly the route i took and it took me like 3 hrs plus to reach back to my room and man was i exhausted.. I probably clocked like 20 km.. Anyways, got some nice scenic views while passing through.

My first stop was heading to the Cite Internationale where the museum of contemporary arts is located and also where Interpol is . Nothing much to see as it was closed , so i continued my walk by the Rhone river which was just beside Cite Internationale.

Fantastic view of the river, very peaceful and serene. Saw some people water skiing also. Next i went across the river and headed to the direction of Croix-Rousse where all the renaissance (i think) building are located. But i didn't see much of those buildings around so i went on my way and headed to the area called Hotel De Ville. This hotel was built in the 17 century and was sort of like a historical site. More details here

The Opera house was also located next to Hotel De Ville.

After that i continued on to Bellecour, but there was nothing much to do there as everything was closed and so i marched on by the river and headed back to my dorm.

I took a picture of one of their swimming pools, which i dun see many here in Lyon and it was actually located by the river and it was open air. Most swimming pools here are mostly indoors and this was an interesting site. The French sure know how to pick spots to relax.

Also i had to take a picture of my of Lyon's landmark, which is this commercial building in the pic above. This is the tallest building there and it is the most prominent building from the view off Fourviere Hill.

I was totally exhausted by the time i reach back to my room , but i had a good view of part of the city.

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