Sunday, July 19, 2009

Touring in Lyon - Part 1 - Vieux Lyon , Fourviere

My first stop was to hit the tourist spot which was Vieux Lyon and it is located by the Rhone River. Dunno much the history of the place but i heard it was a tourist spot and i say why not. The landscape view by the river was beautiful and i took quite a few pictures while walking towards Vieux Lyon.

The first stop was at this cathedral call Cathedrale Saint Jean. First cathedral that i've been to and wow, it was quite something, the architecture was well crafted. Couldn't find out much abt the history coz everything was in french...

Anyways, i was lucky enough to be there at the right time for this antique clock in the cathedrale to sound. i recorded it and u can heard it below.

Some sights outside of the cathedral

After that, did some wondering around the place and stumbled upon a movie museum with the robot featured on the movie I-Robot

Later on, i climbed this stairs which seems to go on forever up to Fourviere Hill to reach to another cathedrale call Notre Dame de Fourviere.

Again, the architecture was beautiful, amazed that people in the past could build something this grand with the technology that they have.

Fourviere Hill is the highest pt in Lyon (I think) and that was the view of lyon from a viewing pt.

Some other sights at Fourviere:

Gallo-Romaine Theater @ Fourviere

Cemetery of Lyon

After a tiring walk around Fourviere, i realised that there was actually a tram service from Vieux Lyon to Fourviere.. Could have save the energy climbing up the hill. Anyways, took this quaint little tram back down and on to my next Location which was.... BELLECOUR!

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